If you use PayPal a lot, open this now...

Published: Fri, 02/03/17

I'm having a BIG problem with PayPal, and you might be having this issue too - if you use PayPal a lot in your business. If you don't, or you're not really making a lot of sales online (affiliate sales or your own products - or both) then you can disregard this.

I have a TON of transactions in PayPal. You should see me at tax time, lol - it's a total trainwreck (because the simple "export/import to Quickbooks" just does NOT work for me).

The real issue isn't my accounting though, it's how much money I'm losing out on because of the overwhelming task of trying to sort all that information.

That's because I have such a variety of TYPES of PayPal income transactions:

* Affiliate Sales (instant payouts, like JVZoo sales)
* Affiliate Commission Payments (from merchants & networks)
* Membership Payments
* Membership Cancellations
* Product Sales
* Product Refunds (often in exchange for upgrades)
* Consulting Payments
* Advertising Income (payments from brands & advertisers)
* Joint Venture Payments
* Other misc income sources

All of that because I have such a wide variety of profitable revenue sources - which is a good problem to have. ;-) But at the end of the day, I have NO WAY to sort and organize that data in a way that allows me to capitalize on it... and increase customer value, customer retention, and overall profit potential.

There's a ton of money I'm NOT making because of it.

I know this, and I've been racking my brain for a simpler solution. Outside of tediously creating manual spreadsheets (or paying out the nose to outsource that). Or waiting for my Quickbooks reports, which to be honest - I'm too sick of looking at by the time I get them created, then they're outdated by the time they're created (as the spreadsheets would be) AND they don't have the actual information I need. Not to mention both of those "solutions" require constant manual updating. Can you say: expensive time suck!

Grr - it's frustrating!

I found a solution today. It's called PayDrill.

What Kind Of PayPal Data Do You Need, And What Can You DO With It?

There are endless answers to that question, but I'll give you a few examples (from my own business).

* I need to see which affiliate recommendations are performing best (LONG TERM) - all together in one place - and FAST. So I can do more of what's working (and less of what's not).

I'm losing mega money forgetting to keep the best offers (that people LOVE) in front of the people that need them. It also gives me ideas what TYPES of products my market wants, and gives me fast money-making ideas.

* I need a way to export membership data, I mean a REAL way (easy) to keep up with & respond to it all.

I hate losing touch with members when they update their backup payment source, and worse: that I don't have an easy follow-up in place to help them regain access to their membership. And that's just ONE example. It's just plain RUDE of me not to follow-up with a member personally when they cancel to see how I could have better helped them, or see if they need any help or recommendations with the new direction they're taking.

* I need a QUICK GLANCE at which of my products are selling best, so I can promote them even more (and better). And which products aren't selling that great, too - so I can figure out why, and fix that.

PayDrill allows me to do ALL of that. Check it out...

(Truth: I just discovered products I have that sold like crazy - that I totally forgot about and stopped offering. That's just stupid!)

Does any of that apply to YOU or your business? Or did it make you think of ways you COULD be making more money?

Those were just a few quick examples too. The sales page does a terrible job of explaining just how much you can get out of this software, and what all you can do with it. I took a chance - hoping it would do what I wanted - and I was seriously impressed. It totally overdelivered on my expectations!

I just downloaded FIVE YEARS worth of PayPal transactions - as soon as I installed PayDrill. BAM! Wow... I have everything at a glance. And I mean everything. I'm talking about serious money-making data, right in my face right now. Well, right behind me - because I turned around to this desk to write you this real quick. :)

(I got the PRO version, btw - it's an upsell option. Totally worth it considering how long I've been in business and how many PayPal transactions I go through, but the basic version will work fine for you if that's not your situation.)

I have to get back to it though, because my mind is SPINNING with ideas on how to better serve my market now!!

I'll write a detailed review and show you exactly what I mean, and what I'm using it for specifically, but if you use PayPal A LOT like I do - you're going to want this too: Get PayDrill (you'll love it!!).

Your accountant or bookkeeper will love it too. :)

Even if that's YOU. :)

Lynn Terry

p.s. If you do NOT have this problem, and you read this email anyway just out of curiosity... I can help you "have this problem." :-) Let me teach you how to make more money than you can keep up with reasonably. Hit reply and we'll figure out the option that's best for you!