Prayers for Your Teen/Older Kid - Free Printables

Published: Tue, 03/03/15

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My mom has always told me, "You'll never stop praying for your kids." And now that my kids are all in their twenties, I know that she is right! They are still at the top of my prayer list. 

Sometimes, though, I find myself doing more worrying than praying. I forget that I can turn my anxieties over to God, and let Him take care of things from His end. I forget that I can trust that He will take whatever they are facing, and use it for good.

Do you do this, too?

This last weekend, I wrote out some simple prayers I've been praying over my kids. I want to share them with you today, because no matter where you are on your own faith journey, we've all said, "HELP ME, PLEASE!" to God at some point. In my case, every single day.

Whatever age your children are, feel free to print these prayers off and put them somewhere where you'll be reminded to give the things on your heart to God. Let Him take your worries, and replace them with His peace. The prayers are pictured below. This link will take you a private page at Home Sanctuary where you'll find the individual downloads.

Thinking of you,

Rachel Anne

PS As I hit "send" on this newsletter, know that I'm praying for YOU today. Being a parent is hard AND wonderful, any old way you slice it. And you'll be amazed at your own strength, resilience, and resourcefulness as you depend on God each day. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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