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Solstice Cahoot! Tuesday 8 pm et/5pm pt

Published: Mon, 12/20/21

Trickster Guideline: “If we don’t know what to do - invite in that which does!” So Celtic Santeria Bodhisatva Coyote Winter Solstice zoom Tuesday…

Waxing Full Moon Solstice Cahoot!

Published: Fri, 12/17/21

Wa ing Full Moon, (Saturday Night… Sagittarius-Gemini - what stories want us to tell them?) as Venus and Chiron station… Venus to retrograde to begin…

Equinox Full Moon Reverie

Published: Mon, 09/20/21

Let us be Receptive to Replenishing Reverie…. under this Glorious Full Moon…of Micro-dosing Vastness Quan Yin under a Full Moon The Sun at 28+ Virgo…

Summer Solstice Swoosh*Woof

Published: Fri, 06/18/21

Solstice Chart proclaims Democratic Animism There’s a Trickster Chance for Democracy and Planet! If we gather our wits, are jaunty while being fully…

Tonight's Tele*Coyote Beltane audio cahoot

Published: Mon, 05/03/21

Tonight’s Beltane Considering Council of Segachuating whereby to rejoin the Choreography of Creation... Audio only, be its own magic, “chat available”…

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