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Vernal Equinox Magic Cahoot 🌀✨ & more

Published: Thu, 03/16/23

O incarnationally coinciding accomplices!Some of us gathered at Mid-Winter,now to gather again: Dark o Moon Vernal Equino Magic cahootlet us be…

Full Moon Mid-Winter Magic Council Tonight!

Published: Fri, 02/03/23

The Times call for:Brigid’s Holy Fire! Holy Fury - a quality of woof!igniting fierce protection of “Woman, Life, Liberty" in all our hearts Brigid ~…

Election Magic Eve December 5th Council

Published: Thu, 12/01/22

Come lend imaginative woof to Raphael Warnock, as Black Gospel King Arthur, kinned with energetic mojo of High John the Conqueror, Trickster Redeemer…

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