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The best course for conjuring your best life,

Published: Mon, 09/13/21

Foundations in Southern Rootwork Gain the keys to success by learning the art of southern rootwork. If this knowledge helped our ancestors to survive…

Hurry and get in while there's still time, !

Published: Mon, 08/23/21

Folk Magic Formulary: Oils, Ointments, & Liniments Folk Magic Formulary: Oils, Ointments and Liniments is a course that describes and guides students…

Practical Conjure Formulas that Work

Published: Sun, 08/22/21

Folk Magic Formulary: Oils, Ointments, and Liniments If history and legend serves us correctly, we have the Egyptian God Thoth to thank for the first…

Marie Laveau Conjure Course 2021

Published: Fri, 06/11/21

Marie Laveau Conjure Course 2021: Introduction Take the wildly popular course about the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans only offered once a year. We will…

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