[FS] Announcement about Forward Steps Notes

Published: Sat, 12/06/14

Hi wayfarer,
If you've only just arrived at Forward Steps, welcome!

This message is more relevant if you've been with
me for a while longer. :) Yet you're fine to join in...
I am cutting out the Saturday emails because I am
moving you to my daily 365 Forward Steps Notes...
The "each 3-days Notes" will be phased out early 2015.
When I have an extra email to send in between, I will
simply send that to you and not wait until a weekend.
All brand new visitors are automatically added to that
365 daily series, rather than the 171 each 3-days.
Would you kindly move yourself over (or check you're on
the 2015 list) for those free, daily 365 Forward Steps Notes?
This will only take a second...
Do it today, by going to this page right here!
You won't be (and cannot be) doubled up! :)
If you're already on my 2015 list, it won't let you in twice.
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