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Published: Sat, 01/15/22

Beginning January 17, you can listen to eight life-changing sessions from Paul Scheele's Abundance for Life audio course. This includes three breakthrough Paraliminal sessions for unlimited abundance.

Tens of thousands have paid hundreds of dollars for this course and now you get to do the course for free in January, only if you get your free pass today.

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The Abundance for Life Mindfest will change everything for you.

The Abundance for Life Mindfest is easy to use. Every day for five days in a row, show up at a special website and click play, to direct your inner "genius" mind for abundance.

It is realistic. Forget about pie-in-the-sky promises of mansions and exotic vacations and millions of dollars (though let's not completely rule them out). As you listen, you will find others have created what they want and how you can do it, too.

If you get stuck or confused, you will have someone there to help you get past it.

The program is applicable to today's conditions, not some pipe dream perfect conditions of years past.

You will discover why you are not already putting into practice the success principles you already know, why you are often afraid to act (or keep on acting), even when you have learned what to do.

Get your free pass now!

These five days will have a massive impact on what you get out of life.

As a result of listening to the Abundance for Life Mindfest:

- Your life will no longer run out of control.

- You'll stop unconsciously sabotaging yourself or unconsciously holding yourself back from the success you want.

- You will learn how to create and sustain the motivation, creativity, passion and persistence you'll need to achieve your dreams.

- You will learn how to deal with the feelings that have held you back.

- You'll see how your unintentionally distorted thinking (not the economy or your circumstances) has made success difficult at best and perhaps even impossible.

Chisel January 17 in your calendar

Make listening to these sessions a priority.

This program is world-class and I am excited to be able to share it with you.

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See you again soon.

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