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Published: Sun, 01/16/22

The world is full of hidden forces that shape our every thought, feeling and behaviour, without us ever realizing.

They influence nearly every decision we make and, in turn, the way the world either rallies to or walks away from us.

In this interview, NYU professor and author of New York Times bestseller Drunk Tank Pink, Adam Alter, reveals 9 ways you interact with the world that massively influence nearly every decision you make.

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You’re likely aware of very few of them, yet those who want to influence you may be tapping them to influence your decisions all day long.

A bit later in the episode, when this becomes apparent, the video conversation gets into a really interesting conversation about the ethics of both the things he’s revealing and the way some people might choose to use the book.

One thing’s certain, the better you understand how you interact with your environment and with people, the better armed you become to make “aware” choices that empower you to live a better, more fulfilled life.

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