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Published: Thu, 11/25/21

Appreciation is a way of life, much more than it is a holiday. Even the capacity and experience of appreciation is a profound gift. I’m sure trees and flowers in their way appreciate sun and rain. Each species shares its special reality. The experience of being human is truly one of the rarest in the living universe – and if we appreciated that, our unity and diversity each day, what a wonderful world it would be.

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Pulling back from our personal obsessions with ourselves, our beliefs  and cultural divisions, Arab, Jew, Christian, Republican, Progressive, Black, Native, White – pulling way back as the astronauts do in space, we would see that all that divides us really are the mental images generated from an extremely thin layer of cells on top of the brain.

We are in fact all brothers and sisters, one humanity – and very, very privileged at that. And to believe otherwise, to believe that we are different, that our ideology and politics are important enough to kill for is a profound and pervasive form of insanity – a delusion that humanity has suffered from for thousands of years.

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On this day of appreciation I celebrate all the wonderful spirits that have contributed to my offerings and I appreciate all that have benefited in some way form my modest efforts. Each is trying in their own way to break the same spell and meet the living world with grace, care and respect. And every moment we do, the earth and everything sharing this precious planet – rejoices.

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See you again soon.

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