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Published: Wed, 03/09/22

Intentional living is about moving towards what you want. You can intend for anything; there is no limit to the power of intention.

While being a skill that we can all learn and improve our own well-being with, everybody has the power to heal with intention.

Discover the exciting new science around using intention for healing, when you…

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You may have noticed that there has been a rather consistent push-pull between science and spirituality, an almost near-constant conversation throughout history.

Today, the dialogue concerning science versus spirituality has shifted to the basic question of faith versus proof.

That’s why, despite the enormous body of scientific knowledge about how “thoughts are things that affect other things,” skepticism continues to surround how intentional healing could work.

An open-minded skeptic herself, Lynne McTaggart was surprised by her finding in her intention experiments that many participants receiving intentional healing energies experienced life-transforming improvements. Also fascinating, those doing the intention sending were getting better too.

Want to learn more about the power of intention in your own life?

Learn more about Lynne’s findings and explore some of the most important new science around using intention for healing, what it means to live intentionally and how to set powerful intentions to support your well-being in this eguide based on a discussion between Lloyd Burrell and Lynne McTaggart, author of The Power of Eight.

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