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Published: Wed, 03/16/22

Today, I introduce a new audio tool that helps us find deep peace and aids us in becoming a channel of the love, beauty and wisdom that we were born to share.

Kismet: Choice is Destiny was created by Nadja Lind, also the developer of Re-enchantment, Refuge, Theta Joy, Heaven and Earth, Strong Medicine, et al. When introducing us to Kismet, Nadja said she felt these were the most powerful tools she had yet created.

Listening to Kismet can help to:

- Greatly decrease or silence mental chatter
- Enhance focus and problem solving
- Release emotions in a nourishing and safe feeling space
- Promote relaxation and sleep
- Feel an easy, natural insightfulness and open to thinking “outside the box”
- Reduce toxic energy
- Increase resilience, confidence, acceptance and feelings of gratitude

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The first track, “The Inner Calling", was designed to help us focus, work and release our creativity. It has a higher energetic feel, while tracks 2 and 3, “The Wisdom Voice” and “Intuition", entrain our brains to theta waves plus the famous Solfeggio frequencies, which have come to be known as the tone and key to our hearts. These last two tracks are very beautiful and help us find our center and act from that place in these trying and difficult times, where the pace of change is often so fast that it seems our minds cannot hold it all, yet our hearts can.

I will include here some words that Nadja Lind shared about these remarkable tracks:

I am so grateful to be able to present my new album with iAwake again. This is my personal favorite composition so far. It includes ambient recordings from a hiking trip in the alps in Austria. These were recorded after I returned from a long and phenomenal trip in the U.S., where I stayed with my dear friends Pam and John Dupuy in Utah. From there, I traveled to play in the desert in Black Rock City, Nevada, at the infamous Burning Man Festival. What a trip!
This healing album took me at least four weeks of studio work and constant testing, tweaking, and mixing. In order to feel and fine-tune the effects that even the smallest little detail has on the listener’s state of consciousness and energy, I had to be in a meditative state myself while working in the studio.
It is very slow and time-consuming, but a very relaxing process for me. I absolutely love this work and am keen to know what the sounds are doing for you.

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Below, you will find some of the testimonials and experiences iAwake received from their beta testers.
Just when I thought Nadja cannot top the last release she goes and does it again and then some. The album illuminated my heart, stilled my mind, and showed me the beyond that lies within. It sounds good and is rich for your soul, leaving you wanting more.” - Scott McGreevy

My sense is there is more connection with "self" or "stillness" while doing the tracks, and later during activities in the day there is heightened flow and "not doing in the midst of doing." Flow and harmony are increased. Synchronization with life events is enhanced. Very good "go to" tracks for daily use.” - Gregory Hopkins

This iAwake release is beyond anything I have experienced from iAwake so far. I experience deep inner peace, intuition, regeneration and feeling connected. While listening to these tracks I would even see and feel profound inner images, which I usually don't: I emerged in a place where I was watching and feeling the birth of the very first thought. It creates waves through the universe. This experience felt very beautiful.” - Paul Ennemoser

Freaking loved them! The tracks are amazing. I want more! Ok, I can loop it in the app.” - Calvin

Beautiful tracks that will add resilience, calm and purpose to your life.”  - Gregory Skyles

iAwake is introducing Kismet with an introductory offer of 20% off, only through to 19 March.

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See you again soon.

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