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Published: Sat, 03/19/22

This phenomenal (and free) 2-hour program, praised by doctors, professors, scientists and yogis, shows you how to radically alter your experience of life, in ways that are truly unthinkable.

The doorway to infinite possibility lies within your own higher mind. Now is the moment to unleash the power and make the million-year leap into higher consciousness.

Guy's program contains the profound and supremely practical information that can help you enter into the higher understanding that is the foundation of a new life.

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Download free "To Touch the Timeless Mind: Make the Million-Year Leap in Human Consciousness"

Learn how to awaken and live from a special feature that is presently asleep within you. It's a specific kind of awareness that allows you to "plug-in" to a much higher level of consciousness than most of us even know exists, let alone live from.

Filmed live at the Tenth Annual International Conference on Science and Consciousness, Guy's presentation is filled with transformational material that can give you a real fresh start.

Listen to the MP3 free today, and:

- make a quantum leap into new awareness
- leave problems and troubles behind
- learn the secret to instantaneous self-transformation
- discover the pathway to complete freedom
- touch the love that created the universe and that sits at the core of your being.

Let go of stress, fear, frustration and the sense that something is missing from your life. New awareness will show you life as it really is vibrant, fearless and filled with love.

Right now, the entire 2-hour Timeless Mind program is available at no cost through Guy Finley's non-profit Life of Learning Foundation.

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Click this link here, to get instant access

As additional bonus gift, you will also be automatically enrolled to receive free access to Guy Finley's ongoing live-streamed classes. These classes will point you towards new resources of help and guidance as you discover, within yourself, the part of you that can use today's events and any condition, to move toward a higher level of being.

Every class is new and complete, featuring an hour long talk by Guy, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. This includes access to Guy's entire replay archive.

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