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Published: Sun, 03/20/22

During such a challenging year, with so many struggling and wondering what to do, it can be so tempting to focus all our attention on the negative.

For this email, however…

Let’s try something different together!

I invite you to take a minute and imagine – if you could have greater abundance in your life… everything you desire – what would that look like for you?

Would you…

- Put your bills on ‘auto-pay’, and not give them another thought?
- Nourish yourself with more self-care?
- Treat your family with surprise gifts and delicious meals (to-go right now!)?
- Redecorate your home with the beautiful things you’ve been eyeing for ages?
- Finally, RELAX… knowing that you’re able to provide for your family in the way you always wanted to (and always will be)?
- Clear your calendar to spend more time doing the things you absolutely love?

Well, there IS a way to create a more abundant life and it starts with enrolling in Mary Morrissey’s ...

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8 Spiritual Secrets for Multiplying Your Money program

If you’ve been struggling financially because of our current circumstances (or if you were already before all this craziness started), Mary could be just the mentor you need right now.

Mary has spent the last 45+ years studying and applying the universal laws of abundance in order to help people, just like you, achieve greater levels of success, prosperity and time freedom.

What she found (through years of trial and error) is that abundance has nothing to do with your current circumstances in life, and everything to do with your ability to overcome your 8 hidden abundance blocks.

Abundance blocks are learned beliefs that lie deep within the subconscious mind. Unless you can remove them, the abundant life you want will always elude you.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step system will help you to erase ALL 8 hidden abundance blocks forever, so they never hold you back again.

Get started here

All it takes is one hour each week and 10 minutes a day to reprogram your subconscious mind and connect to the abundant life you’d love.

Enrollment has already begun, so take advantage of this rare opportunity to transform your life.

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Here’s what others are saying about Mary’s work in the world:

“I love my life today. I have four businesses of my own … I wasn’t letting the fear hold me back from what I could do, but when I learned to ask myself the question, “What would I love?” and combine that with I’m trading my life for it, my results have skyrocketed.” – Tony Bodoh

“I have a family of support. And my numbers are much better. In terms of my money, I'm a top agent in my office … I went from $15K- to $20K to about $120K gross this year.” – Jubril Wilson

“In my work with Mary, I have taken bold steps and attained things that I never thought were possible. I've been inspired to really step into my dream and my hopes and my desires for my life.” – Claudia Delman

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Plus, you’ll receive 3 bonus gifts worth $3,891, including 2 tickets to Mary’s world-renowned DreamBuilder® LIVE event.

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See you again soon.
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