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Published: Sat, 03/26/22

Stimulate your mind with tips and resources to maximize your rise to success, with this collection of ALL your 365 Forward Steps Self Improvement Notes.

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You’ve probably noticed that occasionally you get “light bulb” moments. These notes were designed to trigger your “aha” experiences.

Isn’t it time for an injection of positive news, when all around you is bad news all day?

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Stimulate your mind with all 365 Forward Steps Notes

Each Forward Steps Note contains:

Wisdom On The Web - a link to a positive website or resource
Life Power Tip - a powerful life tip that you can take on board as a new habit or to get you thinking
Action - something you can do that day to nurture either yourself or others
Challenge - an action to take which will stretch you a little, to increase confidence or self-esteem
Quote - a motivational quote to get you thinking, my specially selected favorites
Clearing - an action to keep you organized or to clear your living/work spaces
Question - a poignant question to help you consider next steps
Affirmation - a mantra that you can carry with you for the day to give it a specific focus
Uplifting Extra - another tool, product or resource to support your forward movement and success journey
Video - a Forward Steps video to prickle your mind

Forward Steps Notes are intended for “leisured grazing”, to collect new thoughts, dreams, ideas, philosophies, possibilities, positives, creatives, tools, software, programs, life power tips and a lot more.

Everyone is at different stages of their life journey, everyone is looking for different things and experiencing different things.

Some of us learn best by hearing, others are more visual and yet others love to gather information by reading.

We are all different and seldom, one solution fits all.

The Forward Steps Notes provide a vast array of resources (hundreds, in fact).

See you again soon.

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