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Published: Sun, 03/27/22

Today, I have a special guest article for you, written by Christopher Pinckley. I think you'll very much enjoy the video posted at the top of this article too.

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Click here & read "7 Keys To Being Considered A World Class Leader" 

Did you notice that it says “being considered” a world class leader. The reason this article is worded in such a way is because... you don’t get to decide that you are a world class leader.

In fact, if you think you are, then you probably aren’t. Why? Because this is a strong indicator that your ego may be in charge and when this happens it becomes a little bit more about “you” and a little bit less about “others”. This is why it is better to be “considered” a world class leader because this means that someone other than you thinks it to be thus.

Christopher A. Pinckley is the street level spiritualist, writer, illuminator, creator of the Emotional Integration Technique, and author of the popular spiritual book Reality Creation 101.

His life’s work is to help people to awaken and become present within their lives and businesses. In the article bio there is a link to his book for you as well.

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