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Published: Tue, 04/12/22

I'm so excited to share some heartfelt, easy-to-apply, immediately applicable, sacred healing material with you today.

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This is a brand new, never-before-released formula

It will not only shift any upsetting event, so you can be in great shape no matter what you face...

It also helps you to seize the very moment of upset and use it to heal the subconscious material that may be holding you back.

These old subconscious false and limiting beliefs are what have been adding a sense of “stuckness", away from your dreams, prosperity, vibrant health and any other unfulfilled intention.

This is your chance to create permanent, consistent, healing and clearing, opening your field for deeper peace and calm.

It's pretty amazing.

My remarkable friend and celebrated Energy Medicine Healer Jennifer McLean, has put together a special eBook (as well as a Masterclass Video Workshop), to share this important “Soul Power Formula”.

Download your Soul Power Formula eBook

On the next page after you register, you can choose to watch the Masterclass video (there is an extra healing bonus there for you too... hint: it’s an attunement).

This Soul Power Formula was channeled through to Jennifer to help the highly sensitive souls / empaths to directly address the challenges of the unique historical events we are all living through.

It is very timely, here to support you to gracefully move through the energies and stresses that are happening in our world, and in your own life.

You see, Jenifer and I believe you are here as one of the light workers to help shift all of this.

That may sound daunting, however there is a group of people known as highly sensitive souls / empaths that have been born into these times to offer vibrational assistance.

You are one of these contributors... you wouldn't be reading these words if you weren't.

In this special ebook Jennifer addresses who you are as a "highly sensitive being" and takes the conversation even deeper in the accompanying movie-length video presentation.

Prepare to deeply experience the 4 Steps for The Soul Power Formula in both the eBook and the Masterclass… 

There’s also some remarkable information about how your subconscious may be sabotaging you by seeking what it thinks is safety. You might just change from that alone!

You’ll learn a powerful Energy Medicine practice to change the energy of upset in the moment.

Know that each reaction now becomes another opportunity to layer in healing, profoundly shifting any uncomfortable circumstance.

Plus, if you decide to then watch the Masterclass Workshop, you'll receive one of the most powerful attunements Jenifer says she has ever given.

This will activate the very superpowers of your soul connection.

Jennifer’s attunements are legendary, they are essentially energetic keys that awaken the dormant frequencies residing within you.

This is seriously "wow" and so important for the empath/highly sensitive.

First you have to register for the free eBook here

Then check out the Masterclass video workshop on the next page.

I'm simply tickled to share this with you and I think it may just be what you've been praying for.

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See you again soon.

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