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Published: Wed, 04/13/22

Everyone experiences ups and downs in life.

When life is going well, we don’t need to call upon resilience. However, when challenges come along, how well we adapt depends on our resilience.

Learn which tools you need to build resilience…

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Resilience is often referred to as one’s ability to “bounce back” from adversity, tragedy, trauma or significant stress.

Resilience is a complex interaction of genetics, epigenetics, developmental environment, social factors, physical factors and neurobiology.

Some people are naturally more resilient than others because of their genetics, their environment or both. Yet resilience is also something you can build.

Resilience is associated with:

- Optimism
- Open-mindedness
- Good coping skills
- Having and maintaining a supportive social network
- Attending to one’s physical well-being
- Embracing a personal moral compass

The tools in this guide are to help you enhance these traits to not only bounce back from life’s challenges but also to grow and improve.

Regardless of how resilient you already are, it is possible to strengthen your resilience!

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