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Published: Tue, 04/19/22

Tap into the wisdom and experience of world-class doctors, luminaries, New York Times best-selling authors and researchers who are sharing real steps you can take to optimize your health, have more energy and nourish your whole body with food.

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Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can help you prevent, and sometimes even reverse, most of the major chronic conditions of our times.


Wondering if supplements are necessary on a plant-based diet? The truth is that no matter how you choose to eat, in the modern world, most diets are lacking in something.

In the case of plant-based diets, there are a few nutrients that are especially important to pay attention to.

Learn what they are and how to succeed with a plant-based diet...

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Immune systems can become compromised by dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors. A compromised immune system can lead to frequent illness and additional suffering whenever illness strikes.

The best defense is a strong offense, keeping pathogens from ever getting into the body. Yet some may still reach you and that’s why your immune system is so important.

It’s time to make food the foundation of health.

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Certain genes or gene clusters can indicate a genetic predisposition for developing conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments.

According to leading neurologists, including Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, to actually develop those diseases, the genes involved may need to be “switched on” to express themselves.

Fortunately, when we introduce positive diet and lifestyle choices, we may be able to prevent cognitive diseases and enhance overall health and wellness, for life!

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We now know some of the best heart-healthy foods. We also know the other key factors that contribute to heart disease. The great news is that certain foods can keep the heart healthy and strong.

If you’re still confused by all the different dietary advice out there, you’re definitely not alone, yet here’s the truth: Leading nutritional experts are in general agreement about the most heart-healthy diet for humans.

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Research published in the American Institute for Cancer found that a healthy diet filled with a large variety of plant foods can help prevent or even reverse cancer.

Discover 10 superfoods that research has shown to have anti-cancer capabilities and improve overall cell health.

While no single food or diet alone can protect against cancer, these foods can make the biggest difference to the greatest number of people.

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