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Published: Fri, 02/25/22

For many of us, there are times when negativity seems to get the upper hand and robs us of our happiness.

If you’re feeling discouraged, unfulfilled, discontent or joyless, there are lots of scientifically-supported techniques that can help and, with consistent effort, these strategies can lead to big, impactful changes in your happiness and well-being.

Discover powerful tips to boost your happiness in little ways that add up!

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Some might say that the purpose of life itself is to pursue happiness. With that mindset, happiness actually encompasses many things, including a sense of meaning and purpose in life, daily positive emotions and healthy relationships.

However, happiness is often defined differently depending on who you ask! Young people report that excitement is more conducive to their happiness, while older people report that peacefulness is more conducive to their happiness.

Happiness can also vary across different domains of life.

We might be happy in our relationship, yet not in our job.

We might be happy in our role as a mother, yet not happy in our role as a daughter.

So what exactly should we do to be happier?

Let’s look at 25 science-based strategies you can start using today.

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