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Published: Wed, 05/25/22

Some of you might be aware that, after my teaching career, I became an artist, sold several works and managed an art gallery for a couple years.

I'm also Dutch and love the work of Vincent Van Gogh, having seen a self portrait at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. If you get a chance, watch the 2018 movie "At Eternity's Gate" about Vincent. It's really well done.

The video above is beautiful too. Years ago, I'd been to a Don McLean concert at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda and heard him sing Vincent, live. Wonderful!

So, when I read this article by Ryan it was very special to me and brought back so many memories. I asked him if I might share it here for you.

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Enjoy Ryan's special gift to you here at this link

Scientists believe that they may have found a new clue to the actual processes that happen in the brain when we experience the sensations evoked from the masterful brushwork on a painting.

Our brains react to the art and emit certain brain waves. Read the article at the link above, to learn more about that.

Plus, enjoy the beautiful video with Van Gogh paintings and Don McLean's song, that I posted at the top of the page.

In Ryan's parting words, I hope you realize that you, yourself, are also a beautiful work of art. Every smile you give is a brushstroke, every helping hand is a new chisel in the sculpture, and every time you laugh, you are adding to your own harmonizing chorus. There is no doubt that you, too, inspire others.

So don’t give up on your dreams, I know you will reach them soon enough!

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See you again soon.

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