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Published: Sat, 05/28/22

I was checking stats the other day and I saw that loads and loads of people have snapped up Chris's "Manifesting and Thought Control Audio Package". To be honest, I was trying to figure out why it was so popular!

As I re-watched the video, of course I enjoyed Chris' presentation and the powerful insights he reveals. Then, at the end, when he talks about what you get in his audio package, I think I have figured it out.

Chris is an awesome guy whom I have a lot of respect for. Yet, I think on this occasion, he totally understates just how much value he's giving away!

His "Manifesting and Thought Control" package is jam-packed with hundreds of dollars worth of value.

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See the video for yourself here

Here's just some of what you will discover:

- How to convert your vague desires into coherent detailed holograms.

- Six reasons Holo-Creation is ten times more effective than ordinary visualization. (
Chapter 1)

- How energy blockages and negative energy stop the positive creation process, and how to "Clear" yourself. (
Chapter 12)

- The 7 Areas of life in which to practice Holo-Creation in order to be balanced. (
Chapter 5)

- How Faith and Fear are almost exactly the same thing, and  how to eliminate Fear from your life! (
Chapter 3)

- Why accessing the emotions behind your desires can identify what you really want. (
Chapter 8). Hint: What you really want may be very different than what you say you want.

- The two amazing benefits you will receive by asking yourself one simple question about each item you desire. (
Chapter 3). The question is only three words.

- Why most people fail with their visualization, and exactly how Holo-Creation brings better results. (
Covered in Many Chapters)

- How a simple change in the way you think about time and space makes it easier to create what you want. (
Chapter 13)

Watch the video below on the '9 Manifesting Tools' you can implement in your life now.

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Start by watching the video here

Actually, this is an absolute steal. Quick, grab yourself a copy before Chris realizes he should be charging a lot more! :)

You also get some other audios in the Manifesting Audio Package, easy to download and listen to.

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See you again soon.

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