FS Extra👣 Can this "weird" foot massage trick fix your money issues?

Published: Sat, 06/11/22

I'm sharing an interesting video with you today, by my friend Stephanie Mulac.

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It’s well worth the watch

Stephanie has been a leader in self-healing and growth for over 20 years.

This video is a culmination of her entire life’s work.

Watch it today for free

In it, she shares some really interesting points about "energy pathways" in our bodies.

These energy pathways control everything from our financial health, our relationship health and our physical health.

Each one is interconnected. It’s truly fascinating.

Take the weird foot massage I mentioned...

Apparently, the body is connected to the foot in hundreds of ways, so taking better care of your feet can make you feel healthier, more grounded and more secure in yourself.

She calls this the "root" pathway, and there are 6 more that deal with everything from relationships and sex, to increasing your intuition & personal power.

Learn more about Stephanie's work by checking out her video, today and free.

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See you again soon.

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