FS Extra👣 I'm sorry about Forward Steps' mix up (this might make it up to you)

Published: Sat, 06/18/22

You may have noticed that no Forward Steps emails were sent for a couple days, then suddenly a batch were sent all on the one day! I'm really sorry about that. It was a temporary glitch with the delivery service that I use to send your Forward Steps messages.

It's all fixed now and to make up for the mix up, I have a special surprise for you which is only available this weekend.

You have to see this, because this doesn’t happen very often.

Mindvalley, the world’s leading transformation platform, is offering a lifetime 40% discount on their Membership program for this very limited time.

If you know anything about Mindvalley, then you already know this is something you can’t afford to pass up.

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Read more about your weekend-only discount, here

If you’re new to Mindvalley, here’s what you need to know…

Mindvalley Membership brings together the greatest transformational teachers and experts across every dimension of living – all under one roof.

Whatever your current and future growth goals are, being a Mindvalley Member is the surest way to have the tools, ideas and knowledge that’ll guarantee your success.

They offer programs in diverse topics such as health and wellness, productivity, personal mastery, love and relationships, qigong, money, advanced spirituality, charisma, confidence, hypnotherapy, energy healing and... well, I think you get the idea. :-)

Now, these programs together are valued upwards of $15,000. So this alone makes Mindvalley Membership an absolute steal.

Yet, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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See the full list of 65+ (and counting) programs they offer, here

Becoming a Mindvalley Member also grants you instant access to:

- Weekly Mindvalley Live sessions featuring today’s biggest trainers, bestselling authors, and celebrities.

- Full access to Mindvalley Meditations, featuring a vast selection of guided and ambient meditation audios for deep inner transformation.

- Access to Mindvalley’s private social network, where you can connect, share wisdom, and grow with fellow members in your city and around the world.

- Exclusive invitations to Mindvalley global events, so you can not only learn from these remarkable teachers, you also meet the rest of your tribe in-person.

Plus much, much more.

There’s almost too much to cover in a single email.

So what we recommend is signing up for Mindvalley Membership while their 40% discount is still active because you’re protected by a 15-day money back guarantee.

This way you can test everything they have to offer and then decide later if being a Mindvalley Member is really for you (although, once you get started, we have a strong feeling you’ll want to stay around).

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See you again soon.

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