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Published: Wed, 07/06/22

Discover how to recover your youthful energy, awaken glowing health, and gain freedom from physical and emotional pain at any age with Qigong: an ancient and now scientifically proven healing practice that recharges your body’s and mind’s batteries in just minutes a day.

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You’ll emerge from this masterclass with a profound new understanding of Qi and how to use Qigong to harness this phenomenon to regain your youthfulness, health and vitality.

Plus, you’ll gain quick Qigong tools and exercises you can start using daily to instantly boost your energy, melt away stress, gain mental clarity and more.

You’ll discover:

Nature’s most potent and generous anti-aging secret

Modern life accelerates aging and prematurely drains you of your vitality, mobility and life force energy. Discover how Qigong empowers you to quickly and easily reverse this deterioration at any age, so you can look and feel great as nature intended.

“Is Qigong just for older people?”

Learn the truth behind one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding Qigong and how anyone at any age can easily absorb a rewarding Qigong practice into their existing health and fitness routine (it pairs especially well with yoga).

How to use Qigong to instantly banish pain, stress and lethargy

Why deal with side-effect heavy pills and expensive treatments when the remedy to your daily challenges is free, abundant and all around you? Follow these easy Qigong methods to boost your energy and elevate your mood in seconds.

Stop struggling, start flowing. Your life can be easy if you allow it

Discover how to use Qigong to flow with the rhythm of life. In this state, life unfolds smoothly and unexpected setbacks and problems can no longer trigger negative reactions in you.

How to be ‘Qi fit’ and achieve a truly holistic state of wellness

Your physical and mental fitness are important, yet so is your energetic fitness. Discover how to gain it for a wide spectrum of benefits, including immunity, lifespan and emotional wellness.

Live exercise: activate, feel and expand your Qi in minutes

Join Lee Holden, one of the modern world’s most acclaimed Qigong experts, as he guides you through a three-part exercise that lets you instantly experience and channel your Qi. You’ll feel much more than just tingly, as your life force energy swirls and grows around you.

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Lee Holden is an internationally renowned Qigong expert and instructor. His body of work across many major media platforms has been instrumental in bringing this ancient practice to the Western world, and helping millions of people live better, healthier lives.

Today, Lee is a qualified doctor in Chinese medicine and a household name on US and Canadian television. His books, classes, and workshops are popular around the world, even among corporations like Apple and celebrities like Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider.

This free masterclass is an excellent opportunity to start transforming your life through Qigong, with the support of one of today’s leading authorities on the subject.

Lee has designed it to be an accessible, enjoyable, rewarding experience for all, even if this is your very first time trying Qigong.

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