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Published: Fri, 04/22/22

If you’ve been feeling frazzled (wondering where your “center” went) ...you need to read this now.

Reconnect to your true center through the Tree of Life. Easily and affordably have access to this extremely powerful and satisfying symbol of connection, balance and happiness in your life.

Revered as a sacred symbol representing divine connection for nearly 5000 years, the ancient Tree of Life is now immortalized for your personal use in this beautiful necklace:

- Lovingly crafted to represent the multi-faceted aspects of the Tree
​- Bronze plated zinc alloy includes matching chain
​- Intertwined branches and roots represent its connection to the realms above and below
- ​The perfect combination of truth and beauty, in one.

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In addition to your beautiful necklace, also included are the following free gifts if you can reserve yours today:

1. Your Sacred Spirit Connection Ritual Meditation

Put on your headphones and instantly feel your body relax and your mind begin to tune in to your sacred connection with all things. Professionally recorded for you by Marisa, our channeler and guide, to use in conjunction with your Tree Of Life Pendant. 

2. Living Spirituality Hypnotherapy Session

This hypnotherapy session is designed to be listened to over and over again. Experience oneness with all of creation, a strong centering in your being and finally be able to step into your full power, supported by the energy of Mother Earth.

3. Free 7 Day Test Drive Of The Cosmic Energy Banks

Take a free test drive of the Cosmic Energy Banks! Did you know there is a place online where professional Reiki Masters have stored energy for you to tap into on demand? There are a total of 9 energy banks that you can use any time, day or night, to get centered and get a real energy boost for 9 different purposes.

I really hope you will be able to reserve one of these beautiful tree of life pendants with free shipping today, before they’re all taken!

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