FS Extra👣 Respond to any situation from power, clarity and peace (free, live Q&A)

Published: Fri, 04/29/22

Did you know that beings known as empaths/high sensitives are bringing the solutions for everyone in these challenging times?

Only those who are empaths are likely reading these very words? Yep, that’s you!

Highly sensitive beings can see truths and/or possibilities that others are resistant to.

They also falsely think that they are taking on other energies.

This can result in a sense of lack, limitation, ill health, frustration and not feeling like they are seen or heard.

Celebrated healer, Jennifer McLean has channeled through the Formula for the Empath to claim their great gifts and needed great power for these times.

She is now offering a unique and rare LIVE event... 

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Join in on Thursday May 5 for two sessions one at 10am pacific time and one at 5pm Pacific/Los Angeles time.

Jennifer is going to be working live with you (and you can raise your virtual hand to work with her) to guide you through the Soul Power Formula And support you with here refined and proven healing work.

Jennifer’s proprietary system has over 1000 practitioners and is quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

Her processes assist the highly sensitive in releasing old unconscious patterns and beliefs that have created obstacles and blocks to success, health and happiness.

Jennifer is gathering with you and other empaths that are ready to claim their power through profound healing and transformation, during this special live interactive event.

She is also here to answer questions about who you are as a highly sensitive being, what’s possible next and how the empath can actually heal.

You see, health and wholeness actually work differently for the highly sensitive and you'll find out how, in this special event.

Go right here to register now for this special live free Q&A event

It is designed to finally ignite their superpowers of intuition, empath and soul connection.

It's here to activate your gifts and give you the tools to keep standing in your great light, power, and gifts from this day forward.

You'll now know yourself and therefore be able to respond to any situation in the world or in your life, from power and clarity and peace.

This then establishes prosperity, health, and wellbeing in your life consistently.

Remember, you can raise your virtual hand for this online event that will be simulcast on video and on audio and work directly with Jennifer.

If you can't make it live, no worries. The replay will be available and is just as powerful (however you need to register).

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See you again soon.

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