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Published: Sun, 05/22/22

Have you ever experienced those brief flashes of synchronicity that you just can’t explain?

Like a chance encounter with a friend you were just thinking about or finding a solution to a challenge you’re facing in the most unexpected of places.

Everyone has experienced these moments from time to time and I'm willing to bet you have too. 

Are these moments just down to pure luck?

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Can they actually be controlled through the power of your mind?

Throughout history, there have been unusual records of ordinary people performing extraordinary feats that seem to defy the rules of reality.

They seem to possess traits others would call psychic ability or ESP or intuitive intelligence.

This fascinating 30-minute feature created by Mindvalley explores some of these unusual cases that will make you question the nature of reality.

It’s free to watch on this page (no sign-up required)

Some of the case studies you’ll hear about include:

- A woman who could consistently beat the laws of probability (if you think winning the lottery once is unlikely, what she did will blow your mind).

- A Texan radio repairman who experimented on his kids to awaken their ‘psychic’ abilities to improve their grades at school.

- A telesales marketer who used an odd technique to go from making zero sales in his first month to getting three promotions in four months. 

Are these incidences of people bending reality just statistical anomalies? Could anyone, even you, learn to harness these powerful mental abilities too?

Visit the link above and view the free video, to find out.

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