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Published: Mon, 08/15/22

The path to healing trauma starts with identifying where it originated and how it’s stored in the body.

Learn strategies for releasing the imprint that's left behind after challenging experiences.

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You might be surprised to learn that trauma is not an event.

Although it might occur around an event, it is not about the event.

Trauma is the experience your body had going through the event or through a period of time.

Trauma is anything that, for any reason and at that time, overwhelmed you.

It’s the state of the nervous system at the time of an event that determines whether one person walks away from it fine yet another is deeply affected.

The biology of trauma can contribute to many health conditions when trauma remains unresolved.

How do you know if you have trauma?

What can you do to fix it?

Get answers to these questions and take the next step towards your healing self and away from trauma when you…

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Enjoy learning from Dr. Amie’s empowering, 23-page eGuide, Steps to Identify and Heal Trauma, when you unlock it now.

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