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Published: Thu, 09/22/22

Jack’s interview with Dan comes at a particularly challenging time. So many of us are seeking ways to mindfully navigate the trauma and chaos of today and bring calm and compassion to our lives. One essential way to support healing is through mindfulness.

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Join Jack and Dan as they discuss how mindfulness can deepen the therapeutic relationship while providing numerous benefits to patients and practitioners alike, including:

- Heightened self-acceptance and sense of well-being
- A stronger ability to stay present and focused
- An increased tolerance for challenging emotions
- The capacity to fortify meaningful relationships and enhance intimacy

Many therapists have long understood the power of mindfulness to open up pathways for their patients’ healing. It also can help the practitioner in important and meaningful ways.

I hope you’re able to watch this conversation and put some of their wisdom to use in your own way, opening up new paths toward healing.

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