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Published: Sun, 11/20/22

Great news to report! Our friends at iAwake have created a new masterpiece of brainwave entrainment art and science. It’s titled Brain Awake and was created by one of iAwake’s perennial, brilliant creators, Joseph Kao.

Joe is a Master Hypnotherapist, Shakespearean actor and creator of beautifully wrought and greatly effective brainwave entrainment audio content. Brain Awake is compelling and extremely powerful. I’m sure you will “get it” in the first five minutes of listening. 

Brain Awake is an inspired programming of our brains to shift us into peak performance and creativity. This would also be an extraordinarily useful gift for friends and loved ones, whether they are students, professionals, writers or artists. What a great idea and what a great gift.

Brain Awake:

- Facilitates flow, focus, and creative insights
- Great for problem solving
- Empowering
- Warm and supportive
- Optimism and hope inducing
- Mind/body energizer
- Opens you up to positive change
 -You may feel more excited about life, “alive with anticipation and expectation”

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Listen to the sample and learn more

Here’s Joe’s own description of these tracks that he shares with us:

Brain Awake is a guided meditation program for accessing states of peak performance and flow. Using positive suggestion, guided imagery, 3D nature sounds and advanced brainwave entrainment technology, it's designed to significantly amplify your focus, mental clarity and creativity.

The precisely calculated brainwave pulses embedded in the tracks are layered in a harmonic matrix to rapidly induce a relaxed, attentive, accelerated learning state. They range from frequencies to promote clarity and focus in the beta and gamma range, down to alpha/theta brain waves, associated with memory consolidation and creative insights. 

You can use this program to improve your performance in a specific area of your life or you can simply use it for general brain enhancement.

Here is what other people are saying about Brain Awake:

This track literally rewrote the script in my brain! It's like it scrubbed away all the thoughts that are not true about myself and connected me to the deepest truth about who I am.”  – Lisa Celentano, MA, LMHC

I felt an almost visceral shift in my mood and attitude about life after the sessions. Like an inner wisdom I always had suddenly could be heard and experienced. This is a classic equal to the best iAwake tracks.” – James Lewis

The suggestions in the guided meditation lit up my brain with insights and turned me in the direction of possibilities rather than fixing deficits. It also gently illuminated some emotional healing and self-love that I needed to connect with.” – Greg Hopkins

I was in flow states for days on end where everything I did was smooth, in sync, and easy. Creativity just flowed from me without any deliberate intention of trying to make something happen. It was natural, relaxed, and the next thing to do just became apparent - brilliant.” – Scott McGreevy

I am in love with this track. It fills me with so much positive creative energy to start my day.  It was like someone knew my thoughts and what I love to do as a daily practice and added them all into this meditation. Truly one of the best I have ever used!” – Robbin

Click here to learn more about Brain Awake

So, there it is, dear friend. Enjoy. Be creative, be brilliant and let this brilliance overflow!

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See you again soon.

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