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Published: Fri, 02/03/23

Do you have trouble letting go? Professor Timothy Carey has contributed today’s article with several useful tips that may support you with releasing and leaving behind memories that weigh you down.

More about Timothy is in the bio at the end, meantime enjoy his featured gift piece about detachment.

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Release those memories that weigh you down

One of the things Tim learned is that people’s turmoil and distress are often based on events from the past of which they have not let go.

If you think of all the troubles and mishaps a person experiences throughout life, clearly we’re able to let go of almost all of them.

Many, many things, both good and bad, are woven into the tapestry of our lives without constantly screaming out for attention. Some things, though, are not put to bed so easily.

Tim became so curious about this aspect of our meandering through life that he decided to find out more about it.

His investigation didn’t involve a large program of scientific research. Instead, Tim started to ask the people with whom he was working. He went to the source.

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