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Published: Sun, 02/05/23

Many people don’t know, the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

Those heart signals contain a wide range of information that affect how the brain thinks and perceives.

Some scientists go so far as to say the heart processes information like the brain.

These heart signals have a significant effect on brain function and improves positive emotions, attention, perception, memory, problem-solving, and intuition.

“Adding heart” instantly shifts your brain into a state of balance and makes it remarkably easier to function at peak efficiency.

This means you can profoundly change the nature of an exchange, a creative venture, a decision, your mental clarity, your physical power, your will power, your drive to achieve.

It also greatly reduces insecurity and stress, which are huge obstacles to success.

Furthermore, erratic and disordered heart rhythm patterns actually disrupt the brain’s higher functioning.

That could explain why smart people do dumb things.

When the heart and brain are in sync, your intelligence expands and you gain access to more intuitive downloads and meaningful insights.

This could be the “X Factor” that creates the life of your dreams. You should seriously look into it, especially since you’re committed to ongoing success in your life.

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The eight-day, free Heart Brain Fest will help you quickly balance your heart rate rhythms and sync these rhythms with your brain, then with your primary goal for the year. You'll be able to watch all the sessions free, during the Heart Brain Fest. 

This is not just about how you do it, yet how to see tangible results in your day-to-day life. It’s about syncing your heart and brain so that everything in your life flows and you enjoy more success.

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When you are frustrated with a goal, (or your level of success) here’s what your heart rate pattern looks like:

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When you shift into a positive emotion, here’s what happens to your heart rate pattern:

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Which do you think will help you achieve greater success?

In the Heart Brain Fest program, you will learn how to use emotion to sync your brain wave and heart rate patterns within seconds so you function at peak efficiency toward your goal.

This special state of Heart/Brain Sync is called coherence.

This process has been scientifically validated in over 300 scientific studies thanks to the work of the HeartMath Institute.

Research shows that when you activate this state of coherence, your physiological systems function more efficiently, you experience greater emotional stability, and you also have increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function. You make better decisions, especially in times of chaos and change.

Yes, your body and brain work better, you feel better, you perform better, and you achieve your goals.

What is in it for you?

In the Heart Brain Fest, you will learn two things:

- How to instantly experience “coherence” and sync the heart and brain

- How to tie this coherence into your major goal so you will experience noticeable success within a couple of months

You have a lot of choices in how you spend your time, so this event makes sure you get the proven tools you need, to see results in your day-to-day life and enjoy more success.

Click here for your free pass

You’ve probably been drawn by a nudge from your own intuition to listen to your heart more and to connect with your inner guidance.

Here’s what past participants said, when asked about changes they’ve noticed in their day-to-day life:

- Some dramatic confidence and personal strength in dealing with work relationships.
- I feel calmer and better connected to myself/intuition.
- I return to my heart when troubled. Don’t linger as long in frustration or anger.
- Gradual changes toward a more loving appreciation of myself.
- I appear to be more aware of my thoughts and emotions.
- There’s an added awareness of heart-space throughout the day.
- During the day, I find myself remembering to breathe through my heart for a few minutes. It’s calming and slows me down.
- I’ve been aware of a greater intuitive flow and my willingness to follow.

What do you need for greater success in your life?

As you go through the Heart Brain Fest, you will begin making shifts in your life. It will help keep you focused on your primary goal, because that is where the rubber meets the road. That’s where you see your great intentions making a difference in your life.

This will clearly have positive effects on how your body/mind functions, especially for your health and well-being.

The huge payback for you is how you can propel the achievement of your primary goal. What is it that you wanted to accomplish this year above all else? When you are in coherence and direct your resolve to your goal, you should see significant improvement.

The popularity of this program comes from people realizing that success is not just about using the brain, it's about syncing a deeper connection with the heart.

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See you again soon.

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