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Published: Fri, 03/17/23

The concept of energy healing has been dismissed by some as a trendy craze.

You and I both know that it is far from a craze.

In fact, there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support its effectiveness on conditions like diabetes, auto-immune, cancer, heart disease, weight struggles, depression and more.


Everything is energy and energy can change.

Join in the Global Energy Healing Summit 2.0 and learn how to reap the benefits of energy healing.

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This weeklong event, happening from March 28 to April 4, features over 50 of the world’s most renowned doctors, healers, transformational teachers and energy practitioners including Master Chunyi Lin, Tom McCarthy, Dawson Church, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Ken Druck, Mary Morrissey, Pam Oslie, Natalie Ledwell, Donna Eden and Debra Poneman.

Together, you will uncover:

- Simple energy healing methods you can start doing at home immediately
- How to develop resilience against any condition and strengthen your immunity
- Ancient energy healing practices with effectiveness proven by modern-day science
- How to cultivate, harmonize, and utilize energy in ways you’ve never heard before.

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You’ll also discover:

- The energetic imbalance behind your physical and emotional struggles
- How energy affects aging
- How to harness energy to create lasting happiness and fulfillment in your life.

People around the world are discovering that taking control of your energy is essential to achieving optimal health and happiness.

Learn how at this powerful event.

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See you again soon.

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