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Published: Wed, 06/21/23

Ever wake up tired, in the knowledge you’re about to reenact the same play? Perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little!

Routine can become very comfortable, avoiding any need to define and challenge your comfort zone.

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Add a little twist to your routines

Although it may feel safe, however, allowing yourself to remain stuck in a dull routine of existence can bring you to a very low energy point and will strip the joy from your experience of life.

It’s a certain path to the death of soul and life spirit, leaving you to swirl inside a circle of limiting beliefs and disappointments in life.

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See things from a different vantage point

If you want personal growth and soul evolution (and if you’re reading this, I am sure you do), sometimes you’ll need to leave some of the old behind and stretch yourself into something new.

Soul was never designed to support a life of monotony and routine.

Steer your life outside the often-walked road and gradually teach yourself to see things from a different vantage point.

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See you again soon.

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