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Published: Thu, 05/25/23

This leads to a powerful and rare discovery...

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This program is here to turn on your personal unique healer modality

No one has taken this on, to help you discover your own modality.

You see, if you have ever been certified in a transformational system then for the creator, that system is their modality. For the student it is a technique.

There is nothing wrong with that, in fact most get certified to turn on the confidence as a healer/coach/facilitator which is an important first step.

Yet there is a next step for you. You may notice, as you read this, that you have so much more to contribute, to discover your own modality.

Jennifer is here to assist you

This is your course if you are ready to:

- Activate and claim your own modality and system of healing, something that is truly your own, that matches your energy field to accelerate your capacity as a healer.

- Receive an attunement that opens the quantum channel of your abilities to know the what and the how of your unique modality of healing.

- Claim and balance all the 5 healer types, to ensure you are playing in your strongest type and are in turn opening and mobilizing all the power from each of the 5 healer types.

- Create real transformation for your clients and magnetize those clients to you for a thriving healing business using your modality.

There is also a super fast action bonus that is also available for you.

By enrolling into the course today, you will initiate immediate, in-the-background, remote healing transmissions.

Starting the moment you register for 45 days, this master healer will be delivering deeply transformational frequency transmissions directly to you.

These occur as you go about your day (you don't have to attend anything).

It’s the Goldilocks zone of transmission, meaning it is the “just right” energy, programmed just for you, for each day you're receiving it.

This is a powerful bonus to activate your personal modality. It's free when you register in the course.

Register soonest to receive this profound energy healing now

Who knows? Perhaps one day you will certifying your own students in your modality of transformation. I’m excited at who you are about to become in this amazing, important and rare program.

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See you again soon.

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