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Published: Sat, 09/23/23

When you know your dominant healing abilities, there is an awakening of new energies that occurs.

Jennifer has identified 5 Healer Types that help to activate your inner healer (whether you’re a healer or not).

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In the pages of this exciting ebook you will receive:

- What your dominant, secondary and tertiary Healer Types are and how to use them

- An understanding of the single biggest thing that is holding you back from being the best healer with the greatest transformational potential

- What simple steps you need to take in order to begin embodying and igniting your Healer Type

- How to use your Healer Type to establish and grow a thriving healing business of referrals

- ​​​How to ensure your clients energy is not interfering with yours (how to not take on their upsets)

​​​Prepare to also receive a deep healing and transform while reading this special ebook.

If you are curious about becoming a healer or are truly pursuing a life as a healer, know that you have something unique within that is ready to be ignited.

You see, you have an actual unique personal proprietary healing modality.

This is yours alone and can only come from you.

These healing gifts are needed now more than ever.

This is a true moment of calling you into what you’ve had an internal intuitive sense about.

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This ebook will start the process of activating your personal modality and claim it as your own.

This short yet poignant healing encoded page turner is pointing you in a direction you’ve been feeling it’s time to move toward.

Once you register you will have a chance to participate in a very special video masterclass that will give you an even more experiential understanding of what you are about to read in the ebook.

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See you again soon.

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