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Published: Tue, 11/28/23

If you’re interested in increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace, at today's link you'll learn why employee mental health is so important and how to offer adequate support.

While mental health support was a nice-to-have in the workplace a few years ago, today it has become a necessity.

At the following link, I've also added a very interesting 8-minute video about a four day work week (on the same pay), a trial completed in Iceland. 

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Read the short article and see the video here

More and more people are cracking under the pressures of everyday life, demanding jobs and changing workplaces. That’s why absenteeism from work has increased lowering productivity and reducing economic gains in general.

If you’re a leader interested in increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace, you will enjoy this guest article by Jess Cooper.

It is quick to read and not overly detailed, yet it does help put this issue front of mind for us again.

Our work takes up such a large chunk of time in our lives, it's important to not neglect the physical and mental health well-being at our work places (yes, even if that workplace is home).

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