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Published: Tue, 03/26/24

It’s common to think you need to have harsh self-discipline and a self-punishing work ethic to accomplish anything important.

That especially goes for personal development, since it’s the foundation for all other goals.

Whether you're interested in fitness, finance, relationships or discovering your authentic purpose in life, personal development supports the journey to you reaching your targets.

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Your goals are the "what". Your personal development is the "how". For many people, the "how" is... not very pleasant.

It's all about making yourself work harder, punishing yourself more, being more strict with yourself.

It's like having an evil drill sergeant in your head who you're always trying to please, yet somehow always failing.

With that approach, your personal development becomes all about how to please that inner voice and push past discomfort and resistances, by getting pumped and motivated until you collapse, exhausted before starting the cycle all over again.

Yet it never really works. That voice is never satisfied.

If you're waiting for it to be satisfied until you feel good about yourself?

That's a shame. After all, if you start from a place of feeling disempowered, of needing to "earn" a right to feel good about yourself.

That's not how you empower yourself. That's not how you achieve your goals. That's how you burn yourself out.

The self-punishing approach isn't only unpleasant, it's also ineffective.

To accomplish great things, you don't need to force yourself into anything. You don't need to please any punishing voice, internal or external. You just have to find the power within you that you've been holding back and liberate it.

Then it becomes easy and joyful to pursue the goals that are meaningful to you. Much more effective.

Now, how do you find that power and access it?

That's what Riley Holland, founder of the Bionic Mind Method, teaches you in his "Foundations of Self-Transformation" program. It's made up of three simple methods that only take about ten minutes each.

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Each step does require some effort, however working at them quickly becomes fun and pleasurable, especially when you start feeling that hidden power within you.

When you do that, you're not just improving yourself. You're not just taking the person you are and trying to add qualities to it like discipline and motivation. It's way deeper than that.

You're transforming yourself. You're becoming your true, authentic self.

That self has access to ways of being and accomplishing things that you can't even imagine from a mindset of harsh, self-punishing self-discipline. It's like finding a "secret switch" that turns on whole new abilities and ways of being in the world. It’s like being in "the zone" or a "flow state", permanently.

The biggest surprise?

You discover that was your natural state all along. It was always within you. You don't have to suffer for it or "earn" it.

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