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Published: Fri, 05/10/24

Updated: Tue, 05/14/24

When you feel abundant, then you act abundantly. If you feel like you are lacking, then you act like you are lacking. Your feelings define how you operate in the world.

Unless you change those feelings, you are going to act as you have always acted and you will produce the results you've always produced.

It is our limiting emotions that prevent us from creating and maintaining the lives and the abundance we choose. We abdicate our decision-making ability to them. We even imagine that our emotions can dictate to us who we are supposed to be.

It is not that feelings don’t occasionally appear to be justified. It’s just that feelings are only feelings; feelings are not who you are and you can easily let them go.

You can "let go" of years of mental programs and accumulated feelings in just seconds.

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Discover a new way to be with money (free course 13 May)

We measure every part of our lives by how much money it costs or how much money we can make. Even when we have lots of money, we usually see our bank accounts as half empty rather than half full.

Often we don’t pursue our passions unless we think they will immediately produce financial results. We rarely, if ever, stop to simply enjoy what is now.

We are often at war with money. We feel like it is being stingy or it is not allowing us to have what we want.

Yet is does not have to be this way for you because you can do The Money Course free of charge, beginning May 13.

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In The Money Course you will use the techniques of The Sedona Method to explore your relationship to money and how to stop it from controlling your life and stealing your aliveness.

You will release the inner obstacles to having great wealth with ease as you allow yourself to begin to accept the amount of money you already have.

You will learn to be comfortable with the natural flow of money and open the floodgates to lasting wealth.

The course will cover:

- Money is Just a Word
- "Lust is a Bust”
- Healing Your Relationship with Money
- The Power of Giving and Receiving
- Forgiving Yourself for Your Past Failures with Money
- Money is More than Your Beliefs About It
- Are You a Money Lemming?
- Money Does Not Buy You Happiness
- Gratitude Opens the Gates of Abundance
- For the Love of Money
- You are Enough
- Money is Just Energy

If you are ready to make peace with money and open to the powerful, peaceful and natural current which brings more effortless ease, join Hale beginning May 13. 

Through the free-to-you ReleasingFest: The Money Course you open learn to be comfortable with the natural flow of money and open the floodgates to lasting wealth.

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