Published: Mon, 01/23/12

A couple of quick things today...
I am on the run so no time to play :)
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This is launching today.
I got it for a couple of reasons.
1) My buddy Daegan Smith recommended it to me.
2) I wanted a system like this a bout 6 months ago
and it was over $200 a month
3) It is completely VIRAL and an amazing
way to increase your presence and make more
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4) It's CHEAP.

Check it out HERE
I am all over this!
Now let's go from CHEAP to TOP SHELF ....
You may know by now that I have studied 
heavily with many of the top names out there.
I never hesitated to reinvest in myself and 
my education when I came across the right stuff
(but I also never got into buying every shiny thing...
Which is probably one of the secrets to my success)
No doubt you have heard all about Brendon Burchard 
this week as he is having a big launch.
Brendon is truly one of the GOOD GUYS out there who 
provides so much value it's NUTS.
I have use so much of his information
to achieve celebrity status in the Home Business Industry
it's CRAZY and at the very least I want to make sure
you see his f.ree videos before they are gone.
I have mentioned these several times this week for a REASON.
You gotta grasp that when you are a celebrity everything is EASY.
Everyone wants to JV with you.
Companies BEG you to do business with them.
People clamour to work with you.
It's NUTS...
And Brendon is the GURUS GURU on this
topic...which is why I hang with him :)

I am a big fan of EASY STREET and am totally willing to
do work up front to have ease and flow later.
This guy has the formula.
Check out his videos...
You will THANK me.
Watch HERE
Ok..I guess that is it.
All business from Hochman today
People always ask me to show them 
EXACTLY what I am up to and to not
dumb it there you go.
This is EXACTLY what I am working
on and studying this week.
Pick your poison and get to work!!!
And of course let me know if you have questions.
See ya in the Cash Copy Clinic!