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Published: Thu, 01/11/18

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There are many aspects of ourselves playing in the various dimensional realms of existence.  In each of our experiences, whether in form or out of form, we carry our traumas, belief systems and perceptions with us from life time to life time.  Thus, in our role as a human, everything that has ever happened to us that hasn’t been gleamed, cleared or healed at every level, runs through our human psyche or filters with each lifetime.  Thus, as time goes on we create sub-personalities with their own separate identities and belief systems.  These sub-personalities all have a voice and they are all demanding attention within our human psyche.   Thus, we end up with a whole conference room in our subconscious that can be in conflict with our Soul and its mission. 

Join Dorian Light as she explains this in further detail and helps you to not only understand how sub-personalities work but to help you work with them on a daily basis to resolve the conflict they may present.  During this event, Dorian will be working in the subconscious realm the entire time to help start the  healing of one of the most vital and important parts of our sub-personality – the Warrior!   We all need our Spiritual Warrior healthy and in alignment with our soul’s mission.  However, when it has become wounded, it can literally be one of the most defiant parts of ourselves that can keep us in the fight/flight patterns of fear, defeat and in

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
​​​​​​​4:00pm EST

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