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Published: Tue, 02/20/18

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As our world continues to change around us, we are having a profound effect on our future and the future of the world.  The old world, as we have known it, is collapsing and a new world is being born – we are at a crossroads.  Those of us that are on the planet are in uncharted territory as we journey through the many twists and turns of the current phase transition into the Age of Enlightenment.  Change always emerges from the energy of chaos, however, in this chaos many are having extreme reactions (a form of PTSD) to the erratic flow of the chaotic energy.  It is important to understand how various aspects or sub-personalities of yourself that are buried within your subconscious or soul’s memory banks are reacting to these energies based on their own belief systems and fears.   Just as the earth is in a period of collapse and re-birth so are we having to address, clear, heal and detach from the various sub-personalities of ourselves, along with their labels and identities that are programmed to react in fear and negativity.  There isn’t a soul on this planet that isn’t feeling something and many are having various forms of PTSD as the parasympathetic nervous system is in over-drive.  The Soul in its mission is heading one way while the sub-personalities react in their fear causing conflict; therefore, it becomes a push and pull within self.  For everyone, the key word here is the word “Safe”.

Join Dorian Light as she helps you to understand your sub-personalities and how you can work with them on a daily basis to help them come to a space of “Safety”. Dorian will be working with various sub-personalities during the whole program and will do a healing for each and every one of you as a group.  This is a very powerful healing process so you don’t want to miss it!

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018
7:00pm EST

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Soul Talk: Transforming Your World into a New Way of Being

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Dorian Light
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