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Published: Wed, 10/01/14

Dear Earth Healers,

I sending this this only to those of you who have opened the EEH Newsletter that went out yesterday because I received the request/offer below from EEH member Cynthia in response to the Newsletter, and the information is time sensitive.  I have known Cynthia for many years and if anyone feels called to respond, please get directly in touch with her.

Blessings, Love and Light,


Aloha, Russel,

Mahalo for your 144 POL update.  The maps were fantastic, and it is interesting to note the conclusion of this project in alignment with the planetary arrangements of late.  So many endings in so many areas.

I send you this message, as I feel that Beaver Creek [Avon, Colorado] has a special place in the New Earth Grid.  I have been going there for over 30 years, and felt the transition.  It is an ET portal, with witnessing the rainbow plasma ships on my last visit in 2008.  The beauty of nature was over-run with greed and commercialism of the 80's, 90's, and the distortion and distraction of 2000-2012.  President Ford's residence, the early meetings of the G8, and other meetings of international politics denote the importance of this area.  The last time I was there, VP Cheney was attending a meeting.  Two of my friends and I held space for love and light at that time.

When I started my spiritual journey 14 years ago, I listed my weeks for sale:  1st week of March for skiing, and 1st week of October for leaf viewing.  Obviously my connection with the light beings there have supported me in being able to rent my space and pay the maintenance all these years--truly a miracle!  

I AM feeling a trip for me at this time to bring to an end the old grids of political distortion, war, vast inequalities in financial status, and assisting in the resurrection of the devas and other spiritual beings that guard and guide in the area.  As this message relates, I have owned a timeshare for the last 30 years in this beautiful place.  The beings of light are calling us back to witness the transition and hold ceremony for the birth of the New Earth there.  As you know, I AM in Illinois, and would love a traveling companion to journey to Beaver Creek this next week to enjoy the revelation of the new energies.  I have constructed this note for other members in your group, as they seem appropriate, and spirit urged me to pen this note to you.  Perhaps there is someone who will feel the call as I have, and drive me to this location.  There are additional rooms at the Poste, with an owner discount, if they choose to stay and assist.  If anyone in or near Beaver Creek would like to go on their own, of course, the offer below applies.  I realize this is very short notice, yet spirit moves mountains, rivers, and the stars--and it is time for joyful magic!  

Please forward this to your list, and please have them contact me if they wish to participate in this journey of love and joy:  808-346-7259, or [email protected].     

We are ONE!

Cynthia G. Piano
Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa
Mahalo ke akua.  Mahalo nui loa.  Amama ua noa.
"Kothi Asa, Dehutii Aisa"

Aloha, all,
Beaver Creek is a great place for quiet Fall contemplation, and I offer this generous New Earth opportunity (gift) to create your dreams in a sacred location.  I have owned at the Poste Montane for 30+ years, and value the clear vision and upgrades in vibration that I experienced in my ventures there.  It was a place of great magic, miracles, and transformation for me.  In abundance I share it with you now.

Mahalo nui for you are and do!

Spend the week, or a few days, in the beautiful Beaver Creek resort, The Post Montane.  Rise at dawn (or at least by 10) for fantastic hiking and biking, or just to smell the enticing coffee and free breakfast wafting from the friendly lobby.  Enjoy the gorgeous rainbow of leaves from your private window, and if the air is brisk, stoke the fireplace for a romantic snuggle!

The air is clean, the staff friendly and helpful, and taking a few days for bliss is on everyone's menu!

My Poste Montane Deluxe Lodge Room, in the HEART of Beaver Creek, is available for the week of October the 4-10, and I would love for you to enjoy it.  I offer this endearing experience for a small cleaning fee and a donation.  (It normally rents for $155/night + taxes)

Read about the lodge and Beaver Creek on Yelp:

Read some reviews:

And research the website:

Enjoy the experience as much as I have over the years--your HEART will not forget it!  Please call me at 808-346-7259, or write me at [email protected] if spirit moves you to rest, relax, and go within in joy NOW!   


4664 N Robs Lane
Bloomington Indiana 47408

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