Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #66 Seismic and Tectonic Stabilization

Published: Mon, 01/05/15

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #66
Seismic and Tectonic Stabilization
January 5, 2014

Dear Earth Healers,

A lot has happened since the last Newsletter went out.  Much of the focus of the EEH Network in recent years has been on working with Mother Earth to ease the location and intensity of necessary geophysical changes that accompany the kind of dimensional shift that is underway in a way that minimizes harm to living beings on the planet. It feels to me that this work has reached a kind of completion with the dawning of Year 3 of the New Earth, though there will be ongoing work to maintain and strengthen the energetic grids that are supporting seismic and tectonic stability.  In the No Catastrophic Earth Changes page on my Great Shift website I have documented increases in seismic and volcanic activity in connection with the planetary dimensional shift.  As a tentative working hypothesis I forecast that we will see a stabilization and eventual decrease in intense seismic and volcanic activity.

I had not anticipated reaching the conclusion above until I sat down to write this Newsletter.  In the next Newsletter I anticipate describing a new direction for the EEH Network that has been gestating since the time of my visit to Serpent Mound in Ohio last August.  

Patriarchal Domination Grid Clearing and Balancing: Honoring All Earth Healers. The rest of this Newsletter will describe how the seismic and tectonic stabilization work of the EEH Network reached a new level of integration last month, but before I go into that I'd like to note that the last two Newsletters on the Patriarchal Domination Grid led to a number of responses from EEH members that reminded me that the work of the EEH Network is part of a much larger group of people, many working quietly behind the scenes, and others more publicly who each contribute to the larger work of healing the wounds created be patriarchal domination and empowering and creating balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  I would like to honor all Earth Healers, the many that I know, and the many that I am not consciously aware of, who engage in this work individually and collectively.  I've created a new page on the EEH website that describes how EEH members and others have been engaged in this work: Patriarchal Domination Grid Clearing and Balancing.

Supervolcano Stabilization.  EEH Newsletter #62 (August, 2014) talked about how a peridotite seeding at UMP#19 in Iceland was intended to help create energetic stabilization for exceptionally intense seimic activity that was taking place in the area of the Bardarbunga supervolcano.  The photograph below shows the present configuration of the Mineral Array on Windgather Mesa that has been focused on helping stabilize Bardarbunga.

Early reports of increased seismic activity in the area of Askja volcano to the north of Bardarbunga, which has the kind of magma that erupts explosively, combined with seismic evidence that the magma from Bardarbunga was flowing to the north towards Askja created the real potential for a combined eruption with global consequences.  To give some perspective the Laki eruption in 1783-1784 caused bizarre weather patterns that included freezing of the Mississippi River as far south as New Orleans, toxic fogs in Scotland and droughts in Europe and Egypt that killed as many as 6 million people.  In Iceland a quarter of the population died from starvation or fluoride poisoning and most of the livestock died. The volcanic system associated with Bardarbunga is much larger than that associated with Laki.  It is also mostly under a glacier, creating the potential for a glacial bursts that could knock out half of Iceland's hydroelectric capacity, depending on which direction it went. One eruption of Bardarbunga before Iceland was settled produced twice the amount of lava as the 1783-83 Laki eruption and produced toxic gases. Although this eruption has received relatively little international press, it was exciting following events as they unfolded through October, November and December.  As it turned out the lava erupted along a fissure north of the glacier and stopped well short of Askja.  Considering the possible alternatives, the lava flows are is the best possible location to minimize surface disruptions and has been low in ash emitted to the atmosphere, minimizing impacts of air traffic.  The eruption continues, and the amount of lava exceeds that of any historic flow since the Laki eruption. However, the total volume falls well short of that of Laki (<2 cubic km as of mid-November, compared to 14.7 cubic km for the Laki eruption).  The most harmful aspect of the eruption has been that it has emitted large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere which has had severe impacts on the population of Iceland.  Fortunately there have not been high emission of toxic fluoride as happened during the Laki eruption. The eruption looks like it will continue, but latest reports indicate that  the intensity of associated seismic activity has been tapering off.

The EEH Network has been working to stabilize seismic activity at the Yellowstone supervolcano since 2006, and I know that many others have been engaged in helping stabilize the energies there.  For those of us born before the mid-1980s the probable timeline was that there would be a cataclysmic eruption of Yellowstone that would have contributed to putting much of the northwestern U.S. under water (see earth changes map below).  The No Catastrophic Earth Changes link at the beginning of this Newsletter provides additional discussion of the the timeline shift that allowed humanity to make the dimensional shift with Mother Earth while still in our physical bodies.  My sense is that we are far enough into the shift that an eruption at Yellowstone is no longer a concern.
Global Tectonic Plate Harmonization. Those who received EEH Newsletter #64 and opened it within two weeks of it going out received a special mailing about a Worldwide Linkup for Harmony in the Global Tectonic Plates that took place on November 24. When I first received information about this linkup I realized that the Upper Mantle Project (UMP) has been contributing to stabilization of the tectonic plates.  Below is a picture of a map of tectonic plates with locations of Peridotite seedings as part of the UMP.  In early November, before I was aware of this event, I felt called to make an etheric seeding of UMP#21 in Brazil.  When I started marking the seed location on the map I realized that this was located in the South American plate.  In 1970 I visited a nickel mine on the north side of Lake Izabel in northern Guatemala, one of the locations in Central America where upper mantle material is present.  In looking at the map below I realized that this location, where I made an energetic connection years ago is located on the edge of the Caribbean Plate, and so I etherically seeded a Peridotite stone as UMP#22 (see photo above for the physical stones that were etherically seeded in Brazil and Guatemala). I then heard from EEH member Anna at Hightop Mountain in North Carolina that even before she received the EEH notice about the linkup she received guidance to help stabilize the Pacific Plate, which she has been working with for years, by etherically seeding in the middle of the Pacific Plate one of the three Peridotite seed stones that are at Hightop Mountain.  Then a Murian quartz crystal asked to be placed at this location etherically and the Peridotite seed stone was moved (etherically) to Rapa Nui/Easter Island (UMP#23) and the other two stones were placed at the Solomon Islands (UMP#24) and Mauna Loa, Hawaii (UMP#25).

The EEH Network has worked with the energies to stabilize the Pacific Rim since 2006, especially in the area of the Juan de Fuca plate in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. which is the only segment to not have a major earthquake in the last 50 years (See EEH Newsletter #52, March, 2011).  I know that many others have been working on this before that time and continue to.  My sense is that the global linkup on November 24 created a strong stabilizing effect, though work will be ongoing to maintain and strengthen the energetic grids for support this stability.  Since November 24 EEH member Alison in Newfoundland has given Perodotite seed stones to people traveling to Antigua (eastern edge of the Caribbean Plate) and Chile (edge of the Nazca Plate) for placement.  
New Madrid-Wabash Valley Seismic Zone Stabilization. This project started in May 4, 2011 and did not unfold in a way that I anticipated. I visited the area of Albee Mound in Sullivan County, Indiana (Stabilization Site #1 on the map below) in late May of 2011 and have not physically visited any of the other sites since then, although the small white x's on the map below show the location of sites where my 3D environmental work has taken me, at which times I've also had a sense of working energetically with the Wabash Valley seismic zone.  I have had a sense that the dozen of so EEH members who expressed interest in being part of this project have been working together at an etheric level since 2011.  In March of 2014 my wife Bonnie and I traversed the length of the two seismic zones in the map below twice by car as part of a visit to Texas to visit our son.  At the time I had a strong sense of working energetically with the seismic zones. 
In November, 2014 geologists from Indiana University announced that they had identified a new seismic zone along the Ste. Genevieve fault near the Illinois-Missouri border.  Research I'd done related the the Upper Mantle Project had identified two areas of upper mantle rock at the surface within the New Madrid and Ste. Genevieve seismic zones, Hicks Dome in southern Illinois and the Avon Kimberlites in southeastern Missouri.  On December 11 I felt prompted to make etheric seedings of Peridotite at these locations (UMP#26 and #27 respectively, along with an auxiliary etheric seeding at Elemental POL#85--Cahokia Mounds, Illinois).  These are shown in the map below.   Eventually I will place these stones physically at the locations.  In the meantime, as with the Yellowstone and Bardarbunga supervolcanoes, and the tectonic plate stabilization, my sense is that ongoing work in this area will be more on the order of maintenance of the stabilizing energetic grid that is in place.  I do anticipate eventually visiting the other 21 stabilization locations shown on the map above.
It's a little hard to wrap my mind around the idea that a sort of completion has been reached with the EEH Network's work related to seismic and tectonic stabilization, though there will certainly being ongoing activities in these areas.  I do acknowledge that there are still folks who are tapping into catastrophic timelines as the map below that dates from 2006 shows. I don't see anything like this happening in the timeline that we in the EEH Network are engaged in. If my sensing is correct, we will see a stabilization and eventual decrease in intense seismic and volcanic activity. Time will tell.
In the meantime, I anticipate that the next EEH Newsletter will initiate a new focus for the EEH Network: healing the waters of the Earth.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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