Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #64 Patriarchal Domination Grid Clearing

Published: Sat, 11/08/14

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #64
Patriarchal Domination Grid Clearing
November 8. 2014,

Dear Earth Healers,

Every once in a while the Earth Healing journey takes a surprising turn.  In mid-August I received a note from EEH member Polly in Vermont:

I’ve  been thinking about the Bennington Monument and recognize it as an  obelisk.  Do you  get any sense that the obelisks around the earth are to interrupt energy flow  of ley lines.....or to transmit that energy upward?
When I was a kid, my parents took a family trip to the  monument.....for the strangest reason, I would absolutely not go up in father and sister did but Mom stayed with me in my refusal to even go  in the door.....I attributed it to a fear of heights but now I think I was  sensing something perhaps sinister and wanted no part of it.....I need to take  a trip to Bennington (hopefully this/next week) and had thoughts of doing some  work there.....but don’t want to wander into an energy I don’t know what to do  with.....but your words about grid work brings up the incident and the feeling  that there is more to this monument than may appear.....the photo gallery has  an interesting air photo that I think may be marking the grid intersection in  the walkways.....
Bennington Battle Monument commemorates a British defeat in a pivotal battle in the American Revolution (the actual battle took place some ten miles to the west).  As I felt into the energies through photographs of the site, especially the close-up aerial view looking down on the monument mentioned by Polly (photo below) I did sense that the monument was located on the intersection of two ley lines and interrupted the flow of energy to the north and east.  Green Peridot in the Mineral Array placed on the photograph below helped restore energy flow in the ley lines.  Two quartz Citrine crystal placed on the obelisk served to shift the energies in what proved to be a more complicated bigger picture as discussed further below.  The Quartz Vogel wand on the left and the Cinnabar-filled glass sphere on the right provided a balancing of masculine and feminine energies in the array.
The Patriarchal Domination Grid.  The masculine phallic energy of an obelisk is obvious, and the use of the obelisk as a type of monument can be traced back about 4,000 years to Egypt where it represented the Sun God Ra.  The Roman Empire expropriated many Egyptian obelisks (Rome has as many Egyptian obelisks as remain in Egypt, including one at the Vatican), and over the years Egyptian obelisks made their way to Paris, France, London, England, and New York City and other locations.  In the 19th and 20th centuries, the heyday of the British and American empires, more than a hundred obelisks mostly commemorating wars or political leaders/events were erected around the world, but mostly in the U.S. and U.K.  

My recognition of the existence of what I'm calling the Patriarchal Domination Grid (PDG) emerged as I traced energetic connections between the Bennington obelisk and other obelisks around the world.  I'm sure there is a much bigger picture here than I am able to sense, but it feels to me that the grid draws upon the trauma of war, and the misuse of power, both religious and political, to encourage unquestioning patriotism, give males in the masses the illusion of power, and keep women feeling disempowered.  

This grid has been around for a long time, is manipulated by powerful energetic forces, (which Polly wisely recognized in her email to me) and is not going to disappear overnight.  What further emerged as I carefully followed the energies is that the multidimensional energy of which I am a part has a close energetic connection to the specific location where the Bennington obelisk was placed when it was constructed.  First I recognized an incarnational connection with J. Philip Rinn, the architect whose design formed the basis for the monument.  Next, I recognized a much more ancient connection with the location, at a time when the human experiment was in the planning stages. At that time it was foreseen that this location would be incorporated into the PDG.  In anticipation of this happening, *I* placed an energetic time capsule there, which, when the time was right, could be activated in a way that would feed high vibrational energies into the grid.  On August 18 at the same time the the Mineral Array pictured above was created, the time capsule opened, the energetic programs activated, and began to feed positive energy into the PDG.

I don't know if any other members of the EEH Network will feel drawn to support the healing/dissolution of this grid.  I do have some suggestions for any who do.  First, my sense is that it is time to let go of the idea of Warriors of LIght engaging Dark Energies, but rather to see the folks who created and continue to manipulate the PDG as aspects of Oneness who are still caught up in the illusion of separation.  For those who don't see my Great Shift Blog, in Blog #4 (On the I and We Aspects of Oneness)  I describe the practice I have developed for situations where it is tempting to fall into an I-Other view rather than I-We view.  

Make no mistake about it, if we engage these energies at the level at which the PDG was created, the energies can feel very dark and uncomfortable.  My sense is that the energies from Source that are feeding into the grid are at a vibrational level that is beyond the ability of folks who maintain the grid to perceive.  That's the level at which we can help neutralize the grid through our love. 

Though I have not actually visited the Bennington Monument in this lifetime, I'll conclude by mentioning another energetic connection I recently remembered that I have with the area.  On a beautiful spring day in 1966, sitting on a stone fence looking out on the Green Mountains during a visit to Bennington College, Spirit gave me the nudge that led to my becoming a geologist.  Up until that point I had always assumed that I would become a social scientist. 

Blessings, Love and Light,


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