Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #65 Patriarchal Domination Grid Clearing (2)

Published: Tue, 12/02/14

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #65
Patriarchal Domination Grid Clearing (2)
December 2, 2014

Dear Earth Healers,

In the last Newsletter I shared a surprising turn in the Earth Healing journey (if you haven't seen that newsletter, reading it first will provide background for this newsletter: I received a number of quick responses that provided additional information and insight into the energetic grid that I've referred to as the Patriarchal Domination Grid (PDG).

Restoring the Original Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies. The first response I received was from EEH member Barbara who channels a higher dimensional energy named Aaron (in my Great Shift Book I cite Aaron in Chapters 4, 6 and 7 as a source of higher dimensional information that I respect greatly):

Thanks for this email Russell,

Aaron came through very strongly as I read it, much more interest than he usually has in such things. In brief, he agrees with your analysis of the existence of a PDG but also reminds us, this is merely the misuse of male power, unbalanced. The grid itself serves a different purpose.

You say,
I recognized a much more ancient connection with the location, at a time when the human experiment was in the planning stages. At that time it was foreseen that this location would be incorporated into the PDG.  In anticipation of this happening, *I* placed an energetic time capsule there, which, when the time was right, could be activated in a way that would feed high vibrational energies into the grid.

Aaron (speaking directly but not incorporated): obelisks were intended to hold the male energy, as a balance to the female, to support the entire ley-line grid network. Misuse of male power and the 1) shutting down of the female by the male  and 2) the attempt to bring balance by the female without love, just seeking to come back into dominance, led to further disruption of the female energy and deeper imbalance of these obelisks.

One of our efforts with the incorporation of the Mother  is to help restore this balance in positive and loving ways. Power is not "bad;" unbalanced power used for service to self (self here can mean all male energy, not just the personal self), creates harm.

The healing of this is, as you surmise, with love,

You say,
if we engage these energies at the level at which the PDG was created, the energies can feel very dark and uncomfortable.  My sense is that the energies from Source that are feeding into the grid are at a vibrational level that is beyond the ability of folks who maintain the grid to perceive.  That's the level at which we can help neutralize the grid through our love.

The energies of the PDG will feel very dark and uncomfortable because they were intended to allow control through fear. But the energies from Source are not dark. This is merely about the misuse. Intention to bring attention to the distortion and release the negatively polarized expressions, to offer this intention for the service of all beings, is all that is needed. The balance must be offered carefully, not with any movement for female dominance but always with love and for the highest good of all. You will find that the "loyal opposition" may be very strong in guarding what they see as their rights but love will diminish this negatively polarized force gradually  and will effect that power not only throughout the earth but throughout the universe.

back to Barbara--Feel free to share the above from Aaron.

with love,

Aaron's information helped me see the original function of the energetic grid created by obelisks as one of balance.  What happened at the Bennington Monument was not so much a neutralization of the distortions introduced by the misuse of masculine power, as promoting restoration of the intended function of balance.  It comes to me that there is a sort of irony that the attempt to manipulate these energies in service of self resulted in more widespread placement of obelisks than might have otherwise happened and so now there is an opportunity for people who are aware of the original function to support a very powerful positive rebalancing of masculine energy on Earth at this time.

On 11/11 I received an email from someone who found the last Newsletter through reposting on Kauilapele's Blog site (thank you Kauilapele!).  I'll share some snippets of my email conversation with her:

Hello my friend, 

I just read an article you wrote that was posted Kauilapele’s blog.I have been trying to be open to synchronicity .. and, I believe it is what led me to find the link on his page that led me to your article.
Doing this gave me a splendid idea. Hopefully fulfilling a need I’ve had recently of going a little road trip to accomplish something positive.
I am going to leave in the early morning (east coast time) to head over to the Bennington Monument. It is a little over 2 1/2 hours from me. I am going to recite Ho’oponopono while I am there.  

In my reply I shared the additional information I received from Aaron through Barbara and she said that she would modify the ceremony she planned to better even out the masculine and feminine. I said that I would join her in Spirit when she visited the Monument.  The next day I received this message.

Today went great! I am sending you a picture of the obelisk from this morning. It is actually much taller than I imagined. Thank you for sharing in this moment with me.
I do feel today was a materialization of a subconscious, beneficial happening. I'd like to share with you that it took about 4 synchronistic events for me to understand and to follow through with my trip to the monument this morning.

The photograph below underscores the magic of Julie's visit. Without any context for when the photo was taken, the monument appears dark and forbidding.  Bless you, Julie, for demonstrating the power of love for helping heal the imbalance of masculine and feminine created by the PDG!

The Pattern That Connects. The same day I received the email from Barbara/Aaron, I received the email below from EEH member anna, who channels a higher dimensional energy called The Alliance/<O>.  I share this email in the Pattern That Connects section because Hightop Mountain in North Carolina where Anna lives is the Secondary Anchor Point for the Upper Mantle Project (more about it and the Tectonic Plate Harmonization on November 24 in the next Newsletter):

Dear Russell,

I read with great interest, Polly's email to you, regarding the Bennington Battle Monument and the Gridwork that was performed through your hand. While reading her letter, I heard/felt a deep etheric 'rumble' from the Mesa, through Hightop Mountain, and my body began to feel 'shimmery'. That is my signal, as you know, to pay close attention so as not to miss the clues...

My sensing is this: The Array that was created through your hands is *right on* and, though a first layer is cleared, this is an ancient worldwide pattern that's coming to surface, as our bodies are being re-wired and we're dealing with the residues of (what you're calling) 'PDG'.

You say,
I don't know if any other members of the EEH Network will feel drawn to support the healing/dissolution of this grid.  I do have some suggestions for any who do.  First, my sense is that it is time to let go of the idea of Warriors of LIght engaging Dark Energies, but rather to see the folks who created and continue to manipulate the PDG as aspects of Oneness who are still caught up in the illusion of separation.  For those who don't see my Great Shift Blog, in Blog #4 (On the I and We Aspects of Oneness)  I describe the practice I have developed for situations where it is tempting to fall into an I-Other view rather than I-We view.  

Yes. As those of us walking The Red Road of the Heart are aware, in this work there is no such a thing as a 'you' or a 'me' - only 'we'.

*I* am guided to expand to the etheric level and connect all ley lines dissected by obelisks (and other such monuments) to the Vortex at Hightop Mountain (where the three Peridotite pebbles you sent here are seeded). The Vortex, via connection to the Galactic Center in the Milky Way, will serve  as a fulcrum to dissipate these energies, by transmitting them to the Central Sun - where they will be deactivated and dissolved back to the frequency of Love.

Any who would like to re-route the energies of these Monuments to the Hightop Vortex are invited to do so - as long as there is no sense, as you say, of 'us' and 'them' illusion(s) of 'separation'. Ma Hightop has activated all the Apus [Spirits] of Mountains with which she is connected (by sharing and seeding of their stones), to assist in this endeavor. (Ma says, "We have been expecting this activation; now is the time.")

You say,
Make no mistake about it, if we engage these energies at the level at which the PDG was created, the energies can feel very dark and uncomfortable.  My sense is that the energies from Source that are feeding into the grid are at a vibrational level that is beyond the ability of folks who maintain the grid to perceive.  That's the level at which we can help neutralize the grid through our love.
Exactly. This work requires not that we 'connect to love as something outside of ourselves', but that we allow ourSelves, as Awareness, to BE Love - revoking all judgment and allowing the frequency of Love, as the Glue that binds together all form and structure of creation, to move through us, AS us.

Send the outdated, blocking energies to the Central Sun, to be purified and dissolved in the Fire of Love.



So friends, the healing work continues.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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