Special EEH Mailing: November 24 World Wide Link Up for Harmony in the Tectonic Plates

Published: Fri, 11/21/14

Earth Energy Healing Network Special Mailing
November 21,2014

Dear Earth Healers,

Normally I prefer sending out mailings no more frequently than once a month (on average), but I am sending out this special mailing because the following item in Soluntra King's listing of Cosmic Events in November ties in so closely with the work the EEH Network has engaged in.


Together in the One Heart, from our inner peace and divine love within we link up
and make the sound codes that will help to release pressure from the Tectonic Plates at this time.
Making the Earth shift more peaceful and loving in the third dimensional world also.
Where ever you are on Earth this day, at Noon link up with everyone
and make the Sound codes’ HU LA’ five times.
With intent and awareness send the sound down and through your feet
and into the earth and to the Tectonic plates.
Repeat again; knowing you are connected all over the world
with beautiful beings in the physical and spirit who are standing on the plates.
Continue for as long as you feel,
until your sense the plates are lying next to each other peacefully and they are glowing with divine light.
Some of you like myself live right on the plate
or are guided to be somewhere that has a powerful Earth connection.
(see link above for some additional information)

I have also included a map of the tectonic plates below that shows plate locations and general directions of movement.  In the past we have worked with helping stabilize the Juan de Fuca plate, a remnant of the Farallon Plate, which now mostly lies beneath the North American Plate.  I've just realized that geophysical instabilities in the New Madrid-Wabash Valley Fault Zone probably have a connection with the subducted Farallon Plate.  Most seedings in the Upper Mantle project to date have been within the North American and Eurasian Plates.  There is also one location on the African Plate, and I haven't had a chance to report on a recent etheric seeding in Brazil on the South American Plate.
Blessings, Love and Light,


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