Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #67 Healing the Waters of the Earth

Published: Tue, 02/03/15

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #67
Healing the Waters of the Earth
February 3, 2015

Dear Earth Healers,

In the last newsletter I indicated that healing the waters of the Earth would become a new focus for the EEH Network.  I recently received a message from Spirit that a bit of a break in my Earth Healing work would be appropriate, so I'm going to hold of on introducing a new water healing project that is in the works, not quite like anything else I have seen.  In the meantime, I have created a new page that honors and identifies the work of others who have been engaged energetically in healing Mother Earth's waters for the last twenty plus years:

Last year I began participating in Jane Reading's New Moon Water Meditations (the most recent Newsletter posted on the the Watersongs website is August, 2014; you can sign up to receive monthly mailings at the bottom of the page).  I like these meditations because they address concerns that are happening at the time and Jane provides informational links about the location.  Below is a picture of the Mineral Healing Array that formed for the August, 2014 meditation to support healing of rivers in British Columbia contaminated by failure of an impoundment of mine tailings.
The Patterns That Connect. The connection between the Upper Mantle grid and harmonization of the Tectonic Plates was further strengthened in December with a Peridotite seeding on the Caribbean island of Antigua (UMP#28) on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Plate and balancing UMP#22 in Guatemala on the western edge of the plate (there are some photographs on the Upper Mantle Project page). Further confirmation of the integration that is taking place in all aspects of our Earth Healing work came in early January when I received an email from Mandi in Australia who was traveling to Cambodia. In the course of receiving guidance to engage in some Earth Healing work she found the Elemental Points of Light page and asked if I could give her more information about POL #107, which included Angkor Wat. What unfolded was magical for both Mandi and me as described in the new page on the website I've posted on Elemental POL #107. What emerged were connections with balancing of masculine and feminine energies, water healing and an upcoming Peridotite seeding in Laos, which will connect with the POL grid and provide stabilization for the southeastern part of the Eurasian Plate.

I will be taking a bit of break by not posting an EEH Newsletter in March. 

Blessings, Love and Light,


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