Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #61 August 4, 2014

Published: Mon, 08/04/14

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #61
August 4, 2014

Dear Earth Healers,

After an extended period of time with 3D environmental projects keeping me very busy, albeit with multidimensional components, the energy flow of my life is allowing me to spend some time on the EEH website for pruning outdated pages and updating information on current Earth Healing projects to make way for new ones that are emerging. I don't anticipate making any major changes to the simple format and look of the website, but it feels like time for housecleaning and a renewed focus.  One change I am making is that I will no long post these newsletters on the website, which adds considerably to the time it takes to get a newsletter out.  I will, however, post a link where previous newsletters can be read. I also anticipate sending out more frequent but shorter newsletters that are focused on a single topic.

The EEH Network Grid.
  The service that I use to maintain the EEH mailing list tells me that there are 538 active subscribers from 48 countries in the Earth Energy Healing Network.  In checking over statistics for previous newsletters it looks like 75% or more who receive the newsletter, read it, and I am grateful for the level of interest in our work together that this shows.

Lately I have been receiving images of different energetic grids related to Mother Earth.  The EEH Network forms a truly global energetic grid.  The act of signing up to join the Network connects you to this grid, whether or not you have felt drawn to participate in any particular project. I sense that this grid adds energetic support to our individual activities in support of healing Mother Earth.  I received further insight about this grid during some recent correspondence with EEH member Monica, the first person from Slovakia to join.  She is a member of a group in Slovakia that spends time every day praying for Gaia.  Monica creates an energetic connection between that group and the EEH Network allowing energetic support to flow in both directions. Now I see the EEH Network Grid as interconnected with many other Earth Healing groups through EEH members whose lives intersect with other such groups.  Monica draws pictures of images that come to her during her meditations and has given me permission to share the image below that I see as expressing the individual and collective aspects of our Earth Healing work.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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