Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #62 Upper Mantle Project Update

Published: Sat, 08/30/14

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #62
Upper Mantle Project Update
August 30, 2014

Dear Earth Healers,

I've finally found time to create a separate web page that pulls together information on the Upper Mantle Project as it has evolved since I first visited the Tablelands in Newfoundland in September, 2010: As of this Newsletter the UMP Grid includes twenty locations as shown in the Google Earth image below: 

If you have access to Google Earth you can view photos and information about the locations using this file: Mantle Project 20140828.kmz. This is the first time I've worked with this kind of file and would appreciate feedback on how it works for you (I've found that turning off Borders and Labels in the primary database makes it easier to see the location markers--note that they are not numbered on the globe when Google Earth comes up, but you can see them listed individually in the Places sidebar).

New Peridotite Seedings.  Since my last Newsletter in April I have been involved in three seedings:

  • UMP#18 and Elemental POL#86 Serpent Mound, Adams County, Ohio.  This one was completely unplanned on my part.  For my 67th birthday my wife Bonnie asked me what I would like and I replied: Take a getaway together to visit Serpent Mound. When I did some research about the location, which is within an ancient meteor impact crater, I found that there is geophysical evidence that the upper mantle is unusually near the surface (though no rock from the upper mantle has been found at the surface), and remembering the strong connection of the UMP with dragon/serpent energy I realized that this would be a great seed location.  We were able to connect with Tom Johnson who has a great rock shop nearby (the House of Phacops) and a good energetic understanding of the area.  When I asked him if he knew of a place near the Serpent Mound that would be good to place a Peridotite seed stone he took me to a recently discovered power spot by Brush Creek at the base of the cliff below the mound.  Can you feel the serpent energy in this photo?
  • UMP#19 and Elemental POL#11 Buthir, Snaefellsness Peninsula, west Iceland.  This was an unplanned seeding as well.  On August 18 I became aware that exceptional seismic activity began on August 16 in the vicinity of Bárðarbunga (pronounced BOWR-dthar-Boon-ka) volcano, Iceland's equivalent to the supervolcano at Yellowstone and a major eruption could have global consequences.  Iceland is unusual in being located on both a hotspot (similar to Yellowstone) and on the mid-Atlantic ridge.  Peridotite has not been found in Iceland and though the upper mantle is near the surface in Iceland there is disagreement among geologists about the extent to which the volcanic rocks in Iceland are derived directly from the upper mantle. As I continued my research I found an abstract published in 2014 with geochemical evidence that lavas in the vicinity of Snaefellsness volcano in west Iceland are derived from Peridotite.  I immediately remembered the magic of the olivine sands at Buthir near the volcano that I visited in 1978, and which was activated as an Elemental POL early in the project.  Since I already had a strong energetic connection with this location I performed an etheric Peridotite seeding (I'll return some day to actually place the physical stone) and created a mineral array to support easing of the geophysical stresses in the area of Bárðarbunga in a way that minimizes disruptions (more about the array below). This took place on August 20, and I will admit that it has been a challenge to work with the energies in a way that avoids attachment to a specific outcome as I have watched the events unfold there. If what's happening in Iceland interests you, an Icelander named Rei has provided an excellent series of blogs, which are often updated multiple times in a day (the first one dates from August 17, a day after significant activity began:
  • UMP#20 and Elemental POL#135 Stewart Mineral Springs, near Mt. Shasta, California. This was another etheric seeding in a location that I've had in mind to add to the UMP grid since I sent out my last newsletter, prompted by a sense that it would be beneficial to add more grid points in the vicinity of Yellowstone.  It also brings the first phase of the project full circle, because it was at Stewart Mineral Springs that I first encountered Peridotite again after visiting the Tablelands in 2010. I haven't been following very closely what's been happening at Yellowstone seismically for several years. Periodically folks who are still tapping into improbable catastrophic timelines raise an alarm about what's happening at Yellowstone including a scare of a pending eruption in March created by a video of migrating bison in the park that went viral.  It does turns out that there's been some interesting geophysical activity in the area of Yellowstone, including a magnitude 4.8 earthquake in April, the largest since1980 and closing of Firehole Drive in the Park due to thermal activity melting the road asphalt:  Anyway I take this information as confirmation that expanding the UMP grid in the northwestern U.S. would be worthwhile, which prompted the etheric seeding at Stewart Mineral Springs.  As with UMP#19 I anticipate eventually getting there again to place the physical stone. The Supervolcano Stabilization Array has gone through a few changes since it was created on August 20.  Here is the latest version:
The map of Iceland in the upper right includes a Peridotite seed stone covering UMP#19 at Snaefellesness (western Iceland) and another small peridotite stone at Bárðarbunga supervolcano north of the Vatnajökull icecap.  The map is framed by peridotite and serpentine rocks from the Tablelands.  The second map is a copy of the one showing Peridotite seed locations in the last newsletter and has a piece of peridotite from Crater of the Diamonds, Arkansas (UMP#15) covering Yellowstone supervolcano and northwestern U.S.  There are also Peridotite stones at Stewart Mineral Springs (UMP#20) and on Iceland (connecting this map energetically with the larger Iceland map). Three corners of the map are framed by quartz crystals from Arkansas. 

The Pattern That Connects. 
The great anthopologist and interdisciplinary thinker Gregory Bateson spoke of the pattern that connects.  I didn't use this phrase in the last Newsletter when I spoke of our connections as Earth healers, but I could have. Lately I have been seeing patterns that connect in so many places.  The last three UMP seed locations are also part of the 144 Elemental Points of Light grid, and it wasn't until I went through old newsletters that I was reminded that the origin of the UMP grid was intimately connected with the POL grid.  The auxiliary seeding at Queen Wilhelmina State Park in Arkansas connected with UMP#15 (Crater of the Diamonds in Arkansas) is also POL#40 and it feels fitting to close with a photo taken of that location on the rainy day we placed the seed stone.  At least a half-dozen orbs show the presence of the Elementals:  
My next newsletter will provide an update of the 144 Elemental Points of Light project.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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